Lookgreen - The Look Company
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Environment & Sustainability Statement

The Look Company is focused on delivering sustainable solutions to our clients and we take providing a healthy future for our children seriously. Our Chief Green Officer of Global Operations, guides all departments across the globe to evolve more carbon friendly processes.

The Look Company believes that to have an effective sustainable outcome, all aspects of your business play a role. The Look Company’s commitment to sustainability spans across our whole business and through the product life cycle.

We have engagement, activities, solutions, and programs in the following areas:
➢ Corporate structure to engage sustainable business decisions
➢ Product engineering resulting in sustainable design
➢ Supply chain optimization and sustainable raw material product sourcing
➢ Manufacturing process carbon mitigation
➢ Sustainable installation processes
➢ Re-purposing of end of life product
➢ Re-cycling of end of life products
➢ The LookGreen carbon/energy offset program